Let's Face It

Whether you are a man or a woman, wouldn’t you finally like to discover the secret to attaining lean, shredded, abdominals that are the envy of friends and family alike?

As someone who has mentally struggled, hammering away at thousands of tedious and repetitive crunches, wasting hour after hour on the treadmill, and then heading back home; staring lustfully at candy and chips all in the pursuit of a 6-pack while I had barely eaten all day…

I Feel Your Pain,

because I have been there:

At home standing in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to get the light ‘just’ right; and no matter how hard I tensed or held my breath?

Nothing except a flabby stomach, and a wave of disappointment and frustration

Staring back at my reflection, grabbing ugly fat where there should be next to nothing but tight skin – especially after all the hard work I had put it.

Something had to be done.

Something had to change.

“But Everything I Have Tried So Far Has Failed,
What Makes You Different Michael?”

Lets face it you clearly take care of your body, and if you weren’t determined to get that elusive 6-pack, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Just like I was – you are interested in discovering the secret to the sculpted midsection that is the universal symbol of health, you want to feel sexy in the bedroom and on the beach.

You don’t just want a six-pack…you crave it.

After helping tens of thousands of people world-wide dramatically change their bodies, I now have a proven solution to a flat stomach and shredded abdominals.

And… after today it will no longer be a secret anymore. It’s time to take what I know about shredding abdominals and share it with you.

My six-pack solution is the key

That unlocks everything you need to make radical changes
to how you look both in – and out – of clothes

My program isn’t another

too-good-to-be-true solution

“Thank you so much for letting me be a part of Six-Pack Finishers! This has been a life-changing experience for me!

I started noticing changes immediately. During the first week of training I lost 9 lbs. I think I triple-checked the scale because I couldn’t believe it.

Two years of constant struggling was over!

I stuck to the diet, and I have now lost 25 lbs. The meal plan included in this program has been a great inspiration. When in doubt, I could just post a question, and I got an answer straight away.”

“After months of working out and dieting I have lost 75 pounds and I was able to make my goal and step on stage (physique bodybuilding) tonight!

I was so fortunate to find Michael because when I first started 8 months ago, I didn't know much about dieting or exercise.

After the first 2 days I could tell he wasn't going to just take my money and give me a little info and that's it – the fact is he really cares about people and wants to help them out, and is actually there for them.”

“Since this program I have seen and felt the difference in my body, its amazing how good you are supposed to feel when you eat the right foods.

I love it, I don't even want unhealthy foods anymore and my confidence has raised. I've been smashing my workouts with six pack finishers workouts.

I highly recommend Michael and six pack finishers to anyone, it will be one оf the best decisions you will make regarding your health!”

There is something again which I want to share with you!
I am truly amazed. I have had a really bad hay allergy on my adult life – with the last 3 years being terrible.

Well... I just realized yesterday... the allergens are on the air right now here in Finland. And, well - I haven't been taking any medication
- I have no symptoms!

I can't believe this is true! The only thing that has changed is my diet...
I am so so so happy I bought your program and that you suggested me to leave the grains for two weeks first.”

"Michael, I started working out with your free e-book in late March 2014. My eating habits were horrible, and I was at 180lbs with 27% BF. I started losing weight once I followed your plan and advice. I then completed you Six Pack Finisher program and everything fell into place.

It hasn't been easy, and there has been a lot of adjustment along the way. You have been always there for me, and have helped me get to where I am now. I am 166 lbs and 16% BF now; my pants' size also went down 1.5 times.

I am nowhere near my goal, and I continue working towards my goal. Your support is greatly appreciated as you are available at any time, and are always willing to help me succeed”.

A journey of almost 10 years. Always workout but didn't realize the art of clean eating. The beginning of 2013 was when the clean eating really started to take shape. MrShutUpAndTrain had this 30day cardio challenge, was wonderful, loved the exercise, and the work ethic of his videos, a wonderful program, did it three more times throughout 2013. Lost over 30lbs.

In 2014 started SixPackFinishers, now this program really fine tuned my eating, and exercise regimen. Everything was right there, through a website. Answered question through website or email. Your program was the answer and I'm forever greatful. Now getting ready to start working on your new program HIIT MAX. Can't wait!

So…are you ready to look in the mirror, lift up your shirt and say ‘wow’? You wont just turn heads, no.

You will stop traffic!

My 65-page guide removes 100% of the guesswork

We go though every major aspect of training, nutrition and mindset to make sure you succeed.

  • Ever wondered about why your abs stay hidden under a layer of fat despite all your efforts? Don’t worry, SPF is the answer?
  • Discover why you’ve been wasting your time with sit-­ups and crunches – and more importantly what do instead
  • On page 26, you will learn the sneaky diet hack that can take your results from good to great.
  • Workouts designed to massively boost your metabolism, so you can eat more than you ever thought possible while getting shredded.
  • Dive deep into rest and recovery, to discover why beasting yourself every single day is NOT a good idea.
  • The 33 BEST ab exercises are laid out for you; If you’re not doing these, you’re leaving results on the table
  • 7 pages dedicated to the “healthy habits” that thanks to the media you’ve been falsely believing will get you shredded
  • Already have a routine or training plan? Not a problem. Six-­ Pack Finishers slots is a beautiful compliment to ANY training routine.
  • Goal setting: Why you need it, how to do it, and the big mistakes people make when setting goals. Pages 52 & 53 show you how
  • No guesswork required – everything is laid out for you to help you get that ‘cover-­model’ look

The thing is, even though I have included all the information above,

I wanted make sure I could GUARANTEE your success, which is why I have included over $200 worth of bonuses completely FREE.

If you follow Six-Pack Finishers, and I mean really follow it as I have laid it out…
…there is no way you won’t walk away with a flatter stomach and set of eye turning abdominals to show off.

Are you confused about what to eat to get ripped?

Do you go low-calorie, Low-carb, Low-fat, Paleo?

Or do you do “the bodybuilder thing” of eating chicken breast and brown rice out of Tupperware every 2 hours?

The truth is … none of this.

See, the most important factor in your nutrition is food quality and knowing what to buy is key – and that’s why you get a free macro and grocery guide as your first bonus.

This breaks down every food you can imagine into its basic components (proteins, carbs and fats – the macros) to help you construct a flexible, personalized plan.

And the grocery guide?

Well, that means you never have to spend hours making your shopping list, and trawling up and down the aisles, scratching your head as you wonder what you need to buy for your week’s food.

This usually retails at $49

The big problem I have with most online training programs is they don’t show you how to do the exercises

They write “squat” and expect you to somehow know exactly what to do.

That’s not fair to you.

And that’s the reason why you also get a step-by-step exercise library here.

This takes all the guesswork out of the programming, and, by showing you what region of the abdominals you are working; you can make changes to suit your needs.

With a total of 33 moves listed, you need never have a boring, tedious, repetitive workout ever again, or waste your time on ineffective exercises.

I saved the best until last.

You want abs? Correct?

But how many times have you started a plan that just takes you through the motions, with sit-up after sit-up and crunch after crunch?

Quite a few?

And how did that work?

I’m guessing not so well.

With the final bonus from Six-Pack Finishers though,
you get THE BEST ab exercises to accelerate your six-pack progress.

Not just that, but you’ll receive a whole load of highly-effective, research-based HIIT ABS workouts that will turbo charge your fat loss even more.

This is really a 4th bonus in itself, but I didn’t want to overexcite you by offering 4 freebies!

This is “the big one” as it usually retails at $49, and it’s worth every single penny.

Keep tabs on your progress with this convenient calculator. It is nice to see the measurable results, this calculator will help you do it.

But I don’t want you to have to pay that, as you’re already investing in Six-Pack Finishers.
You’re investing in your health, investing in your happiness and also investing in me as your coach, which I’m forever grateful for.

So I want to give you this as a bonus too, with all 5 parts:

Macro List & Grocery Guide

Step-By-Step Exercise Library

BMR Calculator

Training Log

Accelerated Abdominals "Bonus Videos"

Listen; my story is a real one.

I was an unhappy, unfit and unhealthy. A guy who thought he could get a 6-pack by cutting calories and doing lots of crunches.

I remember looking down and seeing nothing but body fat hanging over the top of my jeans.
It made me depressed and I nearly gave up…

But I don’t want that for you, far from it. And I certainly don’t want anything to prevent you from having the body you deserve.

Which is why I am going to give you this package worth $199 for a VERY special price.

You are going to get everything we
spoke about earlier for


So are you ready to take advantage of this offer, commit to making this your big change, and finally getting that elusive sixpack that you DESERVE?

If the answer is yes, then all you need to is click on the

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